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Jay: a web page contains lots of coding such as HTML, PHP, javaScript, etc. All this coding is the underlying look and feel as well as the functionality (things the page must do).
In very simple terms a web page is a file which contains information and functionality.

A web page is only accessible through a web browser such as Google chrome, Explorer, firFox, etc. The web pages are stored on a web application server where the web server will ultimately request web page from server and then once received it will send it to the web browser and it will be displayed on the browser screen.

Anything you access on the world wide web is through accessing of web pages, as web pages contains the necessary information for the particular segment interested or targeted towards.

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A Webpage is basically a website. You could call a webpage one of the pages on a website not the actual website itself because "webpage" refers to a single page on a website. 🙂
It's a page (with text, images, links, videos…) or a bunch of pages, all of them designed to run into the Internet
Tórur Zachariasen:
Its page number 1684 in the book "Spiders" volume IV discussing spider web designs, best practices, and common mistakes.
Dawn M:
a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web.
This screen you are looking at right now is a web page.
web page
a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web.

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