Whats a good cheap gaming desktop?

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cheap<good. A good basic system has a quad core i5 or FX amd chip. A decent motherboard H/Z series or a 990/990FX. A GTX (1050ti min.) or Radeon (RX470 min). 4gb of ram. And starts around 800.00+. A decent set up starts around 1200.00 , i5 6600, h170, 8gb ram, RX480 8gb= $650.00 (pcpartpicker) add for PSU, SSD/HDD, case,etc. Best way is to build it yourself or go through places like cyberpowerpc.com or ibuypower.com I like them cause they give freebies/upgrades. Most other companies "gaming" computers are far overpriced for the actual parts inside them
Wasn't subjective topic taught in grade school?
You want cheap but no one know what's cheap to you
I would like to but I sadly don't have the time
Master Of Puppets:
Define "cheap" first, and then we can go from there.
cheapest rout to go would be to build your own
better u assemble one. It will be more cheaper the buying new one