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i7 3770k
8GB DDR3 |Different Motherboard
GTX 750 Ti OC
Q9550 |
8GB DDR2 | Different Motherboard
GTX 1050 |
Also i want to be able to do more stuff at once examples being (Watching youtube whilst rendering a video, playing a game, etc.)

Best Answer:

pdl756: If those are your ONLY choices, the i7-3770k is light years ahead of the Q9550 in terms of performance.

The Q9550's motherboard supports PCI Express 2.0 at best…..the GTX 1050 is a PCI Express 3.0 card, so the motherboard would limit the performance of the card.

The i7-3770k and it's motherboard use PCI Express 3.0 and are compatible with any of todays graphics cards.

Although the GTX 750 Ti is a little less powerful than the GTX 1050, it can always be upgraded….and you will need to upgrade at some point to keep up with new releases.

As you can see in this link, the i7-3770k meets the recommended processor requirement for all modern games, the Q9550 doesn't.

The Q9550 system isn't even worth considering compared to the i7-3770k system.

Other answer:

The 1050 is almost twice as fast as the 750Ti, so it would perform better with any game.
True, the Q9550 is an older generation, and DDR2 is also old, so it may affect game play a bit. Bigger issue is what games, as some use single core only, others use multiple cores.
Try a site like canyourunit and see if those machine specs meet the game requirements.
Get the first one, but then upgrade the GPU to a GTX 1050 Ti or RX 470.
I would go with the top, because ddr2 memory is junk, but I would not go with the 750ti if you are buying, the 1050 is better.