What writing programs does a Macbook PRO come with?

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What writing programs come already installed on Macbook PRO? For example, does it come with Word or anything like that, or do I need to buy Office to get that?

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Samuel: If you want Office you will have to buy it separately. This is mostly because Word is a Microsoft program and obviously Microsoft and Apple are competitors. They make a package specifically for Macs, and it's really nice. Your Macbook Pro should come with the basic notepad (called TextEdit) and a trial version of Apple's version of the Office suite. It works similar to Microsoft, but it's just a trial and I think you get 30 uses before it expires.

If you're a student, I really recommend buying the newest Office for Mac through your school. Saves a ton!

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You get the iWork suite free. It's basically same as MS office. I don't know, but the other answers seem to be outdated? Apple does not offer trials for any word processors, let alone program suites.
"What writing programs does a Macbook PRO come with?"

TextEdit and Pages. The simple document in the 1st picture below is from TextEdit with tables, various fonts, and photo inserted. It has limits on object placement, since objects cannot be made to float, like they can in Pages or Microsoft Word. Pages can Share > Export documents as perfect Word documents, so you can share them with your PC friends (IBM-PC compatible, not politically correct). Click on the 2nd picture below.

There are a dozen other free writing apps you can use. To find them, open App Store on the Dock and type "word processing" in the search or use Google or Yahoo Search and type "mac free word processing".


Unfortunately, you DO have to buy Microsoft Office. In the meantime, you can use "Notes" which you can find in your applications screen.