What would my pc be worth if i was to sell it?

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Asus Strix 970
intel i7-6700(non k)
Asus z170-a
16GB HyperX ddr4 2133 mhz
samsung 850 evo
Define S with window
3 xtra 120 mm fans in the top with blue LED
windows 10
coolermaster v850
1 TB hdd

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((One thing I have to mention.. I couldn't find the fans you listed, so if you have a guess at what their value is, just take about 75-80% of the value and add it to my suggested value of the computer.))

Ok, using pc part picker, I priced all of your parts that you listed and the estimate (the 1TB HDD, Samsung 850 evo, and Windows 10. I picked the first HDD that showed up, selected 250 GB SSD [as I saw you had a HDD as well, so I thought you would have too big of an SSD] and picked Windows 10 Home) your computer is worth $1330 brand new. So take that $1330 and subtract the years old the parts are and the condition of the computer as a whole. I mean, in my opinion, you have good RAM, a really good CPU, and good enough GPU, and sufficient storage. This looks like a solid build. So I feel you just take a little off for the sake of a higher probability of selling the computer. I think $1100-1200 is a fair value for your computer.

Just want to say I'm not an expert as estimating the decrease in value of computer, so maybe the value or less or more. Just trying to give you a ballpark figure of the possible value.

Also want to say, if you are considering selling your computer (which I don't think you are, just curious of the value) you might have difficulty selling your PC as a whole, as many gamers or people want to build their own from scratch. If you do end up selling the PC, and have trouble getting anyone to bite, consider selling parts individually. You might possibly not get anything for the processor or graphics card, as they're becoming more and more outdated as the new 6th Gen. Intel processors are coming out and the 10 series GTX cards are becoming the standard for new PCs.

It will likely sell between $650 and $750.

Here is a similar spec sold computer on eBay $750
– i7-4790 with Z97 chipset (it is one generation older but used SOLD prices are nearly identical to the 6700)
– GTX 970
– 500GB Samsung 850 Evo + 250GB Samsung 850 Evo
– 1TB HD
– 16GB RAM
– Similar quality case and PSU

Another $800 overall superior specs
-i7-4790 + Z97
-GTX 980 Ti 6GB
– 1TB HD + 512GB SSD Sandisk
– 1000w PSU + similar quality case

There are several i5-6600K with high end air or low end water cooling, GTX 970, large SSD and other similar specs. Which seem to average $650 to $700. The 6700 doesn't add value on the used market as it does not overclock and has standard cooling.

If Windows is not installed and activated. Expect the value to plummet. People buying a used custom built computer are doing so because they cannot afford a new custom built computer by a paid technician or someplace like CyberpowerPC. If they could build it themselves and install Windows they would be buying new or used parts and doing it themselves.

If you have no sales history on eBay or very little. The money you get will be at the very low end. Craigslist will probably be better in this case. However, people must come to your house. As a gaming desktop is not something you can demonstrate as functional at Starbucks. You will likely field a bunch of BS lowball offers, scam e-mails and people whom never show up.

If you sell the parts separately you will likely get about the same or perhaps less. It's a crapshoot. At least if you get a scammer who falsely claims they never got a part or that it broke. You won't be out an entire computer. Just the value of the one part. Craigslist isn't really an option for selling individual parts.
– Samsung 850 Evo 500GB $110 to $130
– Core i7-6700 + Z170 motherboard $350 to $400 (sell together they will protect each other and can get a slightly better value than separately, separately the CPU is about $200 to $275 and that Mobo is $70 to $90, if sold separately I hope you kept the plastic CPU socket cover and Intel CPU box)
– Case $45 to $60
– PSU $25 to $45
– RAM 16GB $60 to $75
– Fans $10 to $30 the make and models really matter.
– 1TB HD $15 to $30

Yousuf Khan:
I calculate that all of that stuff put together will come out to $1300 when new. When you're selling it, you will need to lop 20% off the system, so it'll be something like $1040.