What would be the best AMD processor to get for newer and up coming games?

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I currently have a AMD FX 4300 and need an upgrade. I was thinking about getting the FX 8370 but I am not sure if it will be good enough the play Mafia 3 on the best settings and any newer games coming out in the future. Should I get the FX 8370 or is there a better one I should get?

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All of the fx 8 cores are the same cpu. the difference is in their testing to meet a specification and internal and external marking. Since sold with unlocked clock, it is only what frequency clock that cpu is stable at.

In gaming, it is only if the game engine works with more than 4 cores of the cpu that it makes a difference in raising cores. With an FX-4300, if you have a good CPU cooler, you can start by raising the clock. The fx-4350 has more cache memory and a higher clock. You cannot add cache but most can reach the clock.

When you get an FX 8 core, you are actually getting the same CPU as you have now.
Yours has locked cores and cache that you cannot access. So you are getting one with the cores unlocked and cache accessed.

Battlefield-1 game engine uses all of the cpu.
Each game reacts differently

Right now? The best option is the FX-8370. If you're willing to wait a few months and replace your mobo and RAM too you could replace it with Zen. FX is pretty outdated and is comparable to Intel's Sandy Bridge (i*-2***) and no FX CPU can compete with anything Intel has released recently.
They say an 8350 is plenty for good performance:
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There isn't one.