What will happen to my current Windows 7 OS if I upgrade to Windows 10 OS?

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I honestly love Windows 7 and don't want to upgrade to 10 but I'm afraid that I'll have to upgrade eventually. So If I ever wanted to go back to windows 7 would I be able to simply go back when I want without having to purchase it again?

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If you install version 1511 of Win 10, you will have 30 days to return to Win 7. If you install version 1607 of Win 10, you will have 10 days to return to WIn 7. If you don't return during those prescribed time periods, you will not be able to reuse your Win 7 product key to reinstall it. When you upgrade, the Win 7 license (product key) is converted to a generic type of license used to activate Win 10. Hence the product key as you once knew it (on Win 7) no longer exists. So you have to make your decision very quickly on whether to go back to Win 7 once you install the upgrade.

If you install the full retail version of Win 10, which is the full version and not an upgrade version, and decide you don't like Win 10, then you simply reinstall WIn 7 and can reuse the product key that came with it.

Win 10 is no longer free so if you buy it you would be wise to learn to use it otherwise you will be throwing your money away.

Why upgrade to win 10 people are still using earlier versions of windows no longer supported with no problems windows 7 is far better than 10 and will go for years yet
Win 10 Is very intrusive and want to know everything also continually conacts microsoft. keep away from it for your own peace of mind win 7 is not broke and does not need fixing like win 10
if you still have the instillation disk and the licence key then you would have to perform a full hard disk format (wiping the disk clean) before you could re-install windows 7, you might have a bit of trouble finding all the windows 7 security updates though
win 10 update ever allow you to go back to 7 the only way is to reinstall