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ok my life is lame so I need idea I'm also clueless figured i would try being a youtuber since I don't have a job go to school or anything but I also don't wear make up so any ideas for a beginning youtuber? they are very appreciated!

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The buddhists have taught me not to speak unless you can improve upon the silence. This is why I no longer attempt Youtube vids. If your life is lame you're probably not in the position to make good material. I myself am waiting for a time of greater accomplishment to do so and suggest the same. There are too many videos on the internet. But then again, if you find something you like, to talk about, maybe you can prove me wrong.
If you can find something you're really interested in and would like to get other people to like, then you can make vlogs/videos about that. For a starting out youtuber, playing games is probably the best because there's something besides just you for the viewer to watch. Sort of like training wheels, you don't have to hold it up on your own.
Video games!
If you have not the imagination to decide what to make, why would you want to have a youtube account? You will be better off getting off your lazy backside and going out and getting a job.
Icarus Dive:
masturbation video
talk about what ur goals are for the channel, do challenges with friends and family, try doing things that you have never done before
Something you're good at, like sports, singing, art, etc.