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I m not very interested in java but I like the idea of coding some forms of C. I m good with computers and want to someday become an ethical penetration tester. Thanks in advanced.

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This question is asked every day, you should read answers here before asking the same question again.

Read this really well written article to find out what language you should learn:


It will give you a basic understanding of any language. Once you get good with that language you can easily pick up other languages.

Don't focus on ONE language, learn programming and algorithms in general and then you only have to pick up the grammar of a language to do a project.

I program in about 4 languages with little help and can start new ones pretty easy because I understand how to program and just have to learn how to do it in different languages to do at different times that is what you should learn.

Toss a coin. There is no "right" language to start with.

You didn't explain why are not very interested in Java. How many forms of C are you considering?

What you want to do eventually doesn't matter — your goal right now is to learn the basics of programming.

Python. As an added plus – security evolved in the *nix (Linux and Unix) world and Python did too, so some of the concepts you'll deal with you'll be using in penetration testing.
Bengall Tigerr:
You would start with C++ or C#