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I would like to know how i can i make games and what program can i use to make PC games with. 10 points of who answer the reasonable answer or 10 points to who ever has the only answer with the correct answer.
I need something that shows a tutorial video of unity if you said that. Something that the narrator is a person that is under 18 and someone that does not say bad words because I have a problem with bad words.

Best Answer:

Fathered: Unity – Easiest since most of textures and models can be found easily for free but performance is garbage.
Unreal – Best
CryEngine – 2nd Best
First you have to learn basic programming. Once you learn 1 you can easily learn the others since their all practically the same.

Other answer:

There are lots of engines to choose from, depending on the type of game. Some require programming (scripting), with some it's optional.
RPG Maker, Unity, Adventure Game Studio are a few.

Python and Java are programming languages, not game engines. They can used to make games though, but for more ambitious projects one can use pre-made game libraries (Python: PyGame, Java: LibGDX).

There aren't a lot of these that will make a decent game without knowing how to program.

With programming knowledge:
Unreal Engine

WITHOUT programming knowledge:
RPG Maker (any version, latest is best)
ZZT (only works in DOS and DOS emulated environments)
Roblox (mostly for kids, and is online)
Mod an existing game, such as Fallout, with its creation kit if your game fits within that universe.
Second Life (LSL scripting, NOT FOR KIDS)

Chris P:
It largely depends on what programming experience you have, and what type of game you want to make.

You could start with the free version of Game Maker:Studio; you can create virtually any type of 2D game and many 3D games; either using drag and drop, or with a scripting language based on C.

There are several potential programs you can use to make computer games, but you need to know how to use each one. Unity, Python, Java are a few different examples.
You can not just use a program. You need to also learn a suitable programming language. Ideally for PC you should learn C or a derivative.