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If I am a web developing student, I learned full html(html5), css(css3), php, mysql, jqeury and ajax.
Where should I focus next?

Other answer:

maybe look at other languages (ruby,c#,c++), non sql databases (mongo , casandra) , other javascript frameworks like angular 2 etc .. , or maybe setting up servers from scratch for linux and\or windows web servers

i would be amazed if you learnt all those in full ( full html(html5), css(css3), php, mysql, jqeury and ajax) and still ask that question (you would practically be able to make any website on earth well unless it was enterprise and php was not a option due to its bad scalability and performance same with mysql but in essence a mvp for any one go sell you service for £500 a day ($600-$700) and enjoy ?? )

i been a professional software developer for decades even i would not use the full in front of any language ive done even ones for over 10 years. they change rapidly. do you know how php interperater works what it favours in terms of performance for every method and how loops are converted do you know how that then works in native and how it boils down to assembly then 0 and 1. i would argue thatno one not even the creator of php as it has many contributors can say hand on heart he knows all that in full, there are library and functions im sure his only skim read and didn't write

oo ps do not put full on and CV/resume atleast where i work (im a back end c# developer mainly) the test i would give you and strictness i would enforce with TDD , dry and object oriented design would make even a seasoned c# developer cry as im slightly sadistic muhahaha. I exaggerate for comic effect but seriously you say student if have some one sitting in front of me that is a junior (no offence) claiming to know it in full sometimes you just have to ask overly complex questions that other wise i would never ask or expect any one to know unless like me they have had to research it before

Putting your skills to use by designing some websites. Learning those things and not using them will not make you proficient in web design! You will learn more by doing!

Best wishes

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