What makes computer faster? highest ram or faster processior?

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It is a collaboration between CPU, RAM, Mother board and Storage.
If it were possible, which it is not, to use a new extreme Intel 6950X i7 CPU with a 486 CPU based board the performance would be slightly better than a 486 CPU could provide. The reason is that the mother board is not designed to take advantage of the multi core setups or anything else relating to i7 technology.

This is why overall performance is related to a combination of things in the computer.
To improve performance more ram is good. But then no point in maxing out the ram if it will not make any difference. A faster CPU, well only if your board can take it, A bigger graphics card, well only if you play games or do high level 3d modeling or video editing.

When a new computer is built it is better to build it to the max to start with. This is because after a few years technology has moved on and trying to find any good upgrade to some component on the aging system is going to be difficult.

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The simplest answer really boils down to how fast something is and how much memory is needed for the applications you want to use. So really it's speed over size when it comes to performance. Better speed can make it where you require less in size as well as faster means the task is completed sooner and less things are waiting in line to be instructed on what to do. Once you have all the memory you need then it becomes about speed. Adding more to the size won't have any affect or benefit on the system. So by upgrading the CPU and RAM speed you would get better performance. The typical standard for RAM now is between 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB in some cases depending on what you are doing.

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Darryl Hamby:
Depends on other factors. System speed is more than the CPU speed or the Memory speed or even the amount of system memory.

I see i7 systems almost daily with a 5400 rpm hard drive and only 4 GB of ram. That makes the system act like is's an old 200MMX CPU system. With a i7 and proper other parts the system would be super fast. That would mean a combo of all these: CPU, Memory, hard drive size, speed and data transfer rate, plus all them connected with a system board that was built for the fastest speed with an OS that used all those parts as a system. A rough example of this is the Windows Experience Index found in most of the last few versions of Windows. A simple addition of good memory or a install of a faster video system or a complete upgrade of all the above shows that they all must work as one system to get the most out of it. If you can afford to upgrade both for less than a new faster system overall then do both but them look at the things slowing you down.

Like the system I am using right now. Based on an i5 on a Gygabyte board with 16GB memory. Overall it is a 5.9 but all but the hard drive is 7.5 or 7.9 (see image below). If I put a fast SSD drive into this thing and fix it so that the SSD is boot and say a 1TB is there for the storage I could get it to 7.5 to 7.9 easy. If I upgrade the CPU to a faster i7 I should be able to get it up to 7.9 or more.

Clear as mud?

It depends on how you use your computer.

I you doing some complex or big calculations or conversion (for example convert a .mp4 video to .mkv format) then you will need more processor. The faster the processor you have, the quicker the process will finish.
I you doing some kind of data analysis, for example using Excel which has a lot of data then you need more RAM to store data in memory. If you use Pivot Table with tabular model, you will absolutely need more RAM.
I you deal with graphics design or Play Station 3 level of games on your pc, then Processor and RAM will not suffice. Heavy game will require you high video memory, kind of NVIDIA GTX900

obviously faster processor leads to greatest potential speed, but if the computer is taking the slow road to getting its info from memory, then the processor speed won't matter; the processor will always be waiting. you need enough RAM so the processor doesn't get delayed. how much depends on what you are running, naturally.
Jinka Varalakshmi:
Highest RAM, SPeed processor, Internet Security software and PC cleaner software will make your PC run like a new one.
To get the best out of a computer everything needs to be of similar quality.

Putting 16gb of memory in an old 386 isn't going to compete with a modern pc with 2gb.

Likewise, the latest cpu isn't going to be much good with 512kb of memory or a crappy on-board graphics processor.

Processor makes system faster
The speed of the computers depends upons all parts, mainly Processor and RAM
make fast your computer with 2 or 6GB ram which is best for gaming and everything and highest processor