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I have a writing assignment for one of my classes and the professors directions were to use standard spacing. What exactly is standard spacing. Is it the spacing that is done automatically when you type?

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Try asking the professor for clarification. In part, this specification may be testing your awareness of or ability to find this information.

I suspect this refers to the spacing between the lines of your documents, not the spacing between the words. Does your faculty issue a guidance document on report preparation? If it does, the required or recommended format would probably be documented in there.

If not, I'd usually recommend a line spacing of 1.5 lines. This is wider than textbooks would generally read, but does make the long blocks of text in writing assignments easier to read. In some disciplines, where the professor will write comments throughout the main text, a line spacing of 2 lines is often asked for so that there's space to do this.

In Microsoft Word, line spacing settings are under Format/Paragraph/

Word calls this "Line Spacing". This refers to the space between each line of text. The way these answers appear would be standard spacing; there is no extra space between the lines of text.

Double spacing is when there is a blank space between each line of text. The buttons for this appear in your Alignment and Spacing pane on the tool palette. They are identified as "line spacing". You will need to select the first button.

For professional literary writing and scientific writing, "standard spacing" would be double spacing. It is not automatically selected when you type.
Laurence I:
its usually referring to LINE spacing so how many lines per sheet, with spacing between, default is often 1.5 so 1 line of text half a line of space. sometimes its 1.15 so 1 line of text and about 1/6th of a line of space. just depends on your preferences and how you Open/Create your initial document.