What is the best way to learn c programming?

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I recommend reading and working through the examples in The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. The book, while dated now, is an efficient introduction to programming and the C language for beginners.
The best way to learn c programming is training. Otherwise you will not be able to be a good programmer. Besides this you can learn c progamming language by reading c learning books or by using internet, but, it will take more time to become a good programmer on c . One thing more that, you should have knowledge also on mathematical terms and logic then you will be able to learn c very strongly.
Chris P:
1. Read a book that covers the basics.

2. Write a simple program.
3. Work out why the program doesn't work.
4. Make the program work.
5. Make a change to the program to make it do something different.
6. Goto step 3

Best way is by doing, as with all programming languages.
Andy T:
Actually doing it; to alleviate your fear: if you identify C/C++ as your requirement, you knew that #1 it is archaic, #2 it gets you low-level driver programming; #3 you can't get away from it. All these implies rather closed loop and you can get a working development environment rather easy.

One major exception is Visual C++ or its Microsoft Managed Runtime extension.

Jhon Carter:
Follow the guide available on internet, you can also join technical classes and do practice yourself on daily bases. It might defiantly improve your language learning skills.
Bengall Tigerr:
Plenty of decent mobile apps can teach you basics of C. A good book however is all you need. I cannot think of a n interactive online course for C.
By studying the practicing what you have learned!
james l:
I don't think reading is a good way to start

I think you need to start programming immediately