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best way depends on your needs/how much you want to spend. you can do it for free by simply ( well not simply unless you've done it before ) reformatting your hard drives by wiping them completely and reinstalling everything ( don't remember if this includes your OS (operating system) or not. if you do it this way it is free but takes timeas you need to wipe everything and then reinstall everything you want on the PC. this is why it is good to have a physical disk of the OS not sure why they don't send one when people buy pre made PC's it's just stupid imo at least the ones I've bought didn't come with them anymore unlike in the past.

other then that only other way I know of is to buy and install a virus program to delete it. can be costly maybe $100 and I think it's only for a month.

if you want to reformat your hard drives look on youtube they show you how to do it depending which OS you have step by step and it's very easy. I suggest you have some device with back up internet incase you don't know what your doing when you start. did it twice once for a virus another time to see if it fixed an issue took maybe 2 hours at max more likely 1 hour or less. just downloading the OS again takes the longest

L. E. Gant:
Use one of the anti-virus software applications.

The problem with viruses is that they duplicate themselves all around the computer storage, within regular software (even the anti-virus software) and within the operating system. So, deleting one virus does NOT get rid of the other copies.

AVG (the paid version and the free version) are very good at this. So are most of the others, although they might be rather heavy in terms of their resource needs. And, not only can they delete the virus and copies, they can stop the virus before it duplicates itself and starts spreading to other computers.

BTW, don't be fooled — every computer operating system can be infected, although most viruses are targeted at Windows operating systems, because there are more of them than any other operating systems.

Step 1: Download Free Antivirus like Comodo Antivirus

Step 2: Installation configuration frames will be displayed. Select the configuration you would like to apply

Step 3: Select Customize Configuration option and arrange installers, configuration, and file location.

Step 4: Once the Installation is Finished, restart your PC.

Step 5: After Installation, Run Quick scan.

Step 6: If threats are found upon completion of scanning, you will be prompted with an alert screen. Take appropriate action.

Step 7: The antivirus will clean all malware and virus files.

as far as deleting a known virus on your own, this can be nearly impossible… a virus can hide just about anywhere, in any file or any part of the os… finding the virus to delete it would be like trying to find a shiny needle in a pile of slightly shinier needles… your proper bet it do use anti-virus software… there are tons of options; some are free, and some you pay for, but i recommend purchasing anti-virus software over using a free version… i prefer kaspersky, but norton and bitdefender are all awesome products…
Grumpy Mac:
Buy another hard drive or budget SSD drive. Do a fresh install of the OS & an updated virus scanner. Then plug the old hard drive in as the data drive, boot into safe mode and have the virus scanner do a full scan of the data drive.
Md. Ariful Islam:
Eset Nod32 Antivirus
backup work related files to external harddrive.
format pc.
install windows, or linux because linux has no virus.
list of linux distro : www.distrowatch.com
the installation process of windows or linux will offer to format the pc prior install