What is the best way to block pop-up ads?

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It depends whether they are legit or malicious. Legitimate ads can be blocked using a combination of NoScript and AdBlock Plus browser add-ons and don't forget to install the filters for adblockplus. Malicious advertisement can be stopped from entering your computer using software to prevent browser hijacking or using a sandboxed web browser I'm not going to explain this in detail you can Google these two terms. Antivirus software is not very effective against malicious adware which is why so many people here on Yahoo answers are asking the same question everybody is using the wrong software to stop it that's why you're all infected with it.
Getting rid of pop-up ads AFTER your device has been infected is a different issue but that is not what you asked.
Ad Block Plus?
Get a legit ad blocker, Adblock and Adblock Plus are killin it.
Install Adblock Plus to your browser.
uBlock Origin and Adblock seem to work well for me!