What is the best software money can buy to protect my computer from hackers.?

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The best software money can buy to protect against hackers is also the first software that the hacking community will attack on sight, trying to find its weaknesses; ergo, to possess such software also makes you a target if it is encountered.

Hackers are the same thing as network security engineers and similar, but with illegal intent. They don't target home computers, but instead let malware do that kind of work for them and use infected computers as bounce points or DDoS sources.

That means the best software you can have, you already have installed. It's called common sense. Get an Antivirus/antimalware program (preferably Avast!, AVG, pretty much anything not Norton or McAfee). Don't download things if you don't know what they are. Keep up a decent scan schedule. Don't give out personal information on the internet (Facebook is a huge security breach). You can do all of that for free.

I don't think you need to get nuts and get the most expensive. Bitdefender Plus or Avast Plus would be your best choices. Both have free versions too.But there is also free verions of Avira,AVG,Panda,and Sophos. look into free before reaching in your pocket and pulling out some cash.A better firewall than what Windows has will help block hackers as it stealth's your ports so if a hacker is pinging for an open port they won't know a computer is there. Even though Windows firewall is OK,I suggest replacing it with either the Comodo free firewall or the ZoneAlarm free firewall. A secure browser like JonDoFox (only the browser,not their VPN) might also help keep hackers and malware from ads at bay. Disable the JonDo setting and enable No Proxy to reach the internet. Install with that a couple of extensions like Ghostery,BetterPrivacy,CanvasBlocker (set to Block) and SmartReferer (set to send nothing as referer…..) to increase your browsers security and privacy. Also installing a VPN like SecurityKiss,HotspotShield,will help block you IP address. The Opera browser comes with a free VPN that looks really good and I suggest getting that browser too just to have around.
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There is no such software available. If hackers can break into government computers/servers, then personal computers would be no problem at all.
"DeepFreeze Standard" it is used for protecting Public Access computers like those in universities libraries or government.
OpswatMetascan 32 engine antivirus most powerful antivirus in the entire world.
Comodo Firewall best firewall on the internet
Avast Plus, Malware Bytes are good ones. Windows Defender is good too. Keep everything updated on a regular basis and you should be safe.
Windows 10 and Windows Defender.
Common sense.