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Hey im wondering what the best antivirus program to get when i get my laptop. There are two things I do most on the PC: Modding Skyrim (via nexusmods) and Runescape. I do plan on getting more games, but i want to make sure im safe when downloading mods. Im also aiming for Windows 10.

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Avast lost their private key to hacking. So don't trust them.

Number one by a land slide is a suspicious you. Get those mods from official sources ONLY. Never download from anything else. A Skyrim update should ONLY come from the vendor, never anywhere else.

I use the built in one and care. But then, I also know what I am doing.
Malwarebytes is a known quantity and I have seen stuff flummox it. I'd download a new copy when I need to run it

360 Total Security Essential would be one of your best bets.
360 Total Security is free, it provides five scan engines (System Repair Engine, Avira Engine, QVM Engine, Bitdefender Engine and 360 Cloud Engine).
It provides Web Protection, keeping you safe while you are browsing the web.
And there's much more.
I also use avast but doesnt pick up malware,so need malwarebytes to do that job,but both work well in unison.
any antivirus is fine. the most popular free ones are AVG, Avira, and AVAST.
Yepper,disabling your firewall to play online games is a sure winner for malware that most anti-virus wont be able to block. I advise against it.
I was like you and took malware to the computer. I recommend avast to protect your pc and malwarebytes to clean if malware slip past avast.
I prefer Kaspersky
I prefer http://eu.exprtmb.com/d10f82a8