What is taking up so much space on my hard drive?

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I have Windows 7 and an Asus and I had almost 250GBs of space on it. (I have a cr*ppy computer I know) and now I have less then 10GBs left. I will admit I have looked and have 1GB of music, less then 1GB documents and probably around 1-2GBs in photos and I'll estimate maybe 5GBs in everything else.

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This will show what is on the hard drive and how much space each file takes:
Also try going to Start -> Computer -> Uninstall or change a program

Then sort them by size to see if its a particular program(s) taking up space.

😐 your really vauge. open up run in the start menu, and type in %temp% . After you have written that, it will send you to a place where all your temporary files are kept. if they have been deleted, then you have to uninstall stuff. if they havent, delete them. their ALL useless.

to uninstall programs, go to control panel, programs, uninstall. you will be shown all the things installed on your pc. uninstall what you dont want.

Clean with privacy manta
download iobit uninstaller to your desktop to remove junk programs and viruses
click the date tab to show what was just downloaded
Sum Ting Wong:
http://tinyurl.com/y8p92d4 you will find large hidden files with this