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HTML 5 is the latest version of html. html is a formatting markup language. I started coding with html 2 back in 1996. By 1997, we started using html 3. html 4 was the version from hell–too restrictive with too many rules. html 5 simplified and expanded the language. It is wonderful!
Chris P:
HTML is the primary language for creating web pages. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. There are lots of differences between HTML & HTML5. The main difference between HTML and HTML 5 is that video and audio are not part of HTML while these both are integral parts of HTML5 .
Robert J:
html is the general family regardless of version.

html5 is specifically the latest version.
Not all browsers support it yet and it should be avoided for any commercial site that does not want to put off customers.
(Sadly, a lot of new web designers let their egos override customers best interests…)

The existing fully-compatible standard is xhtml1, which superseded html4.

Even the W3C, the World Wide Web standards organisation, do not use HTML5 on their own site yet and their code validator for html5 is still classed as experimental.

Html5 is the latest and newset version of html with new tags and features. Is is more powerful then Html4. It also with all browsers and provides local storage in place of cookies. Using Html5 you can draw shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle.
David E:
HTML 5 is the fifth major version of the long standing HTML spec. HTML 5 "is" html, just the latest version of it.
Ahad Arzi:
Html stands for hyper text markup language. It is a web programming language. Html5 is an update and it is updated by the purpose of responsive websites
HTML is a markup language that is used to build static (non interactive and nonanimated) webpages.
HTML5 is the latest revision of HTML containing much better support for media like video and audio tags.
audio and video has internal specifications and has separate tags ie <audio> and <video>
The number 5 simply indicates the html number of the beast – starting with html 1 and etc. It's to differentiate it from other versions.