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What is a Wifi modem (simple answer I know Modulator/demodulater)?
Do I need a separate router?

Other answer:

There is no such thing as a WIFI Modem. There are WIFI Routers.
If you have a MODEM and it has WIFI then that section of the Modem is a Router.
Lots of these boxes combine a Modem and a Router in one package.

You can tell by looking at the rear. If it has a telephone Port (RJ12) labled DSL it has a Modem.
If it also has Ethernet Ports (RJ45) and Wifi then it is a Router also.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi it is a modem which has wifi fitted so it has an address and a password to access it usually the password is hex decimal and 10 characters long.
No you won't need a router, a "wifi modem" is a modem and router combo.
Usually just a wireless modem. You can use them with pc's and tablets that are in other rooms of your home with no wired connections.
Combo wireless router and modem in one box.
Something that gives you internet