What is a good gaming desktop under $300?

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You wont find a gaming desktop for $300.Start saving up, cause you have a long way to go (As demon said, at least $5-600 for a GOOD gaming desktop.)
For $300 yes you can. Try to find some computer somewhere for $100-$150, make sure motherboard has a gpu slot in it, then buy a good compatible gpu (make sure 32bit or 64bit). This WONT run newer games like Crysis, The witcher, but other games like half life 2 or JC1 would probably work with this. Good luck and make sure the computer works first, it would have to be reallly old.
The only way to keep it around $300 is to buy used parts on ebay or buy a used PC on craigslist. The catch is it would probably several years old.

If you want to build one with new parts then you're probably looking at $600 when you consider the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

You can check pcpartpicker.com to see what kind of budget builds people have made.

None, simple as that. If you want a gaming computer, expect to start in the $500 to $600 range, and then add a few hundred on top of that if you want a higher end video card.
There is no such thing as "a good" or "the best" gaming PC, you build/customize your own and it all depends what parts/components you put or you can buy a pre-built PC but $300 is no where near enough… just buy a console.
None. There is no good gaming pc below $1000
you cant even get ANY computer for that range…..
$600 is the minimum
$900 is recommended