What is a badass color combo for a pc?

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And please no common color schemes

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i enjoy monochrome. that means black and white. sometimes the best color combo is also the most simple. and oddly the simplest color schemes are often the easiest to mess up on and hardest to make beautiful (you need to think simple)

there's a grey scale variation that i call 'arctic warfare' that is black, grey and white, and the other variation called 'arctic warfare 2' that is black, dark grey, light grey, white. doesn't work well as digit camo pattern, better as that blob style or blob style that uses polygonal shapes rather than actual blobs. .

there's also alien lime green and gore red, although if used wrong people will assume you love xmas. so gore red means the shades of blood and gore… its not a bright red, but not like dried blood red either. eh if you like gore you'd know what shade of red i'm talking about.

digital camo of all kinds looks nice. my fav is marpat desert.

nuclear green and orange can work, there's also nuclear green and reactor blue… and if you wanna go the extra mile for that radioactive glow you can run EL wire around the edges or internals so it glows in the dark.

for desktop pc's lighting is another other than color. something that works great for me- silent computer (silent fans) with dim white accent lighting that creates a distinctive cool-as-arctic glow when the room is dark. if not for the light you wouldn't know if the computer is on or off. its not dramatic or in-your-face blazing neon, its much more humble, significantly less flashy and practical.

pink and purple with green key board letters
pink and purple with green key board letters
pink and purple with green key board letters
Pink and green.
Joseph the Second:
-Black & White. NObody does it. But EVERY-Body comments about It. 😉