What inspired you to pursue computer science or programming?

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I used to want to be a doctor. And then I had to go to the ER once, and saw someone who had their leg almost chopped off… well, that's one of the reasons I wanted to get into Software Engineering. I found being a doctor something that really restricts my imagination, and my ability to create and be creative. That obstacle is automatically eradicated when you become a software/web/graphics/etc designer/engineer.
Another reason for one of the very few decisions in my life I don't regret, was that I grew up in a really depressed area, where everything always seemed as if it didn't make any sense. Computers and technology were what distracted me from all the distress in my, as well as my parents' lives.

Technology allows you to make some really fascinating things. Anything you want to. Whether it'd be an app/website/graphic/program/whatever you want to, it will be something you will most likely find enjoyable and worthwhile.

Always loved video games (still do now). Always was interested in technology and the "way forward". Always got to play with computers for a bit, but was never allowed to really do much on them because my family wasn't wealthy enough to afford another if it broke down.

It was a combination of these things that pushed me forward to technology. Ultimately, I wanted to pursue Computer Science after my video game class in high school. We made video games in there, but it wasn't that in itself that made me want to learn CS. It was the fact that my creation came alive!

Today, I still continue in CS because it's a field with so many creative outlets that it continues to awe me. It allows artistic ability to shine, yet, it contains a solid foundation of mathematical-like logic that just makes sense. Along with that reason, the possibilities are endless. Anything you can imagine, you can make it, given enough time and will. Lastly, computers are the future. Might as well try and master what's to become the 'everything' of everyone's lives.

Bill P:
Answer the question then. I'm not involved in computer science nor programming!
Yahoo Answers is just a forum where the general public can answer questions. It is NOT Yahoo's offices, nor do we members of the public have any say over what Yahoo does.
Ivy ♥:
Seeing a computer print Hello World made me really frisky, so I stuck with it 🙂

But seriously, I find creating awesome and abstract things where the end is endless, its amazing.
If I need a program, I can create it myself and know I created it with no viruses or anything embeded.
It's a great feeling 🙂

Chris P:

At the time I was applying for universities there was a massive shortage of Computer Science graduates. The government paid my tuition fees and I had a choice of nine different job offers when I graduated.

I found it very creative. Being assigned jobs that are mundane and repetitive is a motivator to automate. It is like magic writing a program to automate tasks that take a lot of time and are error prone to do manually.
I was required to take a programming course and I loved it. I had never loved any other course.
I took a career in software engineering because at the time (1985) it was much better paid than hardware engineering (my degree was in Electrical Engineering)
The commodore 64
Bengall Tigerr: