What happens when a WIndows user account locks(windows+L)?

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When an user locks the user by pressing windows + L the user got locked.
So,What technically happens during this time, what happens to the applications which were in active mode?

Any technical description will be highly praiseworthy.

Other answer:

Applications and processes that run without user input will keep running (e.g. Outlook will still receive email).
The system does NOT log you out – so your user is stil lactive.

The screen gets locked so that you have to re-enter your password in order to re-activate your device.

Steve B:
Technically ?

The 'screen saver' is started and all keyboard / mouse input is redirected to the log-in service (only).

If you have a download running or a virus scan, or anything else running, it won't close and will keep going. 🙂
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi the password needs to be used. sometimes it simply does not work and all is lost.