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I know factory resetting removes everything off the computer but what shows up after it is completed? Do you have a put in a key or something?

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Factory Reset as you said takes off everything. Everything. It's as if you just bought it, so that's why when people say to do a factory reset, to back up your data so you don't lose it. You'll have the operating system in there, if it was pre-installed, but all the data and setting you made before you reset it, will be gone.
When you properly factory reset your computer, it will be just as it came out of the box the first time. Everything that you added, will be gone! If you can't live without the crap that was added over the years, then you need to save that stuff to a flash drive, CDs, external drives, etc. BEFORE you do the facory reset and add them after the reset.
You will have the operating system that was originally installed and any software the maker put on there for startup. The key you will need is probably on a tag on the back or bottom. That will also tell you what operating system you will get. If that tag is missing you are pretty much on your own. You can probably buy a license for a legitimate OS copy on ebay should you need that.
It shows the initial Windows Out of Box Experience. Prompts you to setup the PC, add a user, etc. It wipes your files; and restores from recovery partition. You don't need to do anything. It takes quite a while. Sometimes overnight.
No it comes back out if the box new you don't need a product key you will need printer drivers and Microsoft office disk and key etc
Its basically as it was out of the box at that point.
Depends which OS it is running.