What happen if i reformat my pc? and what will happen to gta v and steam if i dont uninstall none of them? will i loose gta v?

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if i dont uninstall it before reformatting pc

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Formatting your hard drive will erase everything. You will need to reinstall the OS, your drivers, your applications (anti-virus, web browser, etc.) and finally Steam.

GTA V is part of your Steam account so when you log back into Steam you can redownload GTA V with no problem.

Because formatting your hard drive will erase EVERYTHING, you will want to make sure any data, documents, etc. are backed up before you do the format.

Some Steam games support Steam Drive, meaning your save file is stored on Steam's servers. In this case you'll have to redownload them as well, just as you redownload the games. You'll also want to pre-download installers for your drivers, and your applications. This way you won't have to wait around downloading them after you reinstall the OS.

first, Steam,

all the games you have on steam are on the account for life, you can install them on any computer. it doesn't matter if you uninstall or wipe steam from the computer.

some games have DRM, digital rights managements and limited installs, it's best, especially with GTA V being so huge, to back the game up before you uninstall or format, because you will have to redownload the whole game if you uninstall steam, GTA-V or format the computer.

some games with DRM will revoke one of the installs when you uninstall the game, so it's best to uninstall if your going to format the computer.

Formatting, this wipes the whole drive, you wont have anything on the drive, it will be blanc.

restore to factory settings, if you have a store bought PC/Laptop, you should have the feature, this wipes the drive and reinstalls windows, drivers and software that came with the computer.

if you format or reinstall windows/restore to factory settings, you will have to reinstall everything, including steam and download all the games again if you dont have a backup.

Reformat – means erase.
Uninstalling – means erase.

Steam – is just a program. None of your steam account information is kept on the computer…… its why you can log into your account from your friends computer and still play.

Instead of reformatting your PC – why not just defragment it? Or better yet, if you are having issues – for very little money you can get a program like System Mechanic that will keep your computer in top condition for gaming?

If you are reformatting your PC or resetting it back to its factory state, then you will lose everything that you have downloaded or installed on the computer and you will lose any files you have created. You should back up any personal data files so you can copy them back on again. Many installed programs cannot simply be copied to a backup and copied back on. They have to be reinstalled properly to make them work again.

You do not need to uninstall anything before formatting or resetting the PC as everything you have set up will automatically be removed.

Master Of Puppets:
Formatting your computer will erase everything off of the hard drive.
You will loose it, but you can reinstall it free of charge; it'll just take a long time to download since it's a big game. I backup my Steam library to my server, so if I ever need to reinstall the OS on my gaming system, I can just transfer it from my server through my gigabit LAN much faster than downloading it through the Internet.
yes, you will loose them
yes, you will loose them