What exactly did the Russians hack during the election?

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An informed answer would be appreciated.

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Define "Russians". Russians as in the government for the purposes of espionage or your average Joe Blow Russian sitting at a computer in his underwear hacking? There's NO PROOF that the Russian government was involved in this supposed hacking during the election so when Obama's panty-waists accuse "Russia" of hacking it's a pretty broad accusation with nothing definitive. The Left is just ticked because they lost a rigged election and it poked holes in their sippy cups and spilled milk all over their furry slippers
Politically Correct:
These people are pretty level headed http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/30/…

What they say in this article is that the FBI states that the Russians undermined the election process by "data theft and disclosure activities". In plain English that means hacking email accounts of the DNC through phishing https://kb.iu.edu/d/arsf and handing over the results to Wikileaks.

As everyone knows that unencrypted emails are the electronic equivalent of postcards and anyone who falls for a phishing scam is an idiot, what does that tell you about the DNC? Sounds as if the Russians did the Americans quite a favour.

I moved your question by the way because the people that hang out in the Politics forum are idiots too.

Russians vs Saudis and Zionists
Non semantics Arians VS semetics occupying forces
the elections in America decided which way people wanted to go towards death and destruction or life and joy and made the right decision
After events in Arab spring and inhumane bombardment of people there which resulted in a loss for America and a gain for iran Russia realised that white people are losing out to Muslims and Chinese so favoured Trump cause the danger of terrorism is too close for comfort
The statements that the FBI says "this or that" is based upon what they were told to release by the same one who tried to clear Hillary of obvious corruption charges. (An Obama political appointee, so not a valid non-partisan source.)

The "source" of the hacking information is (according to the FBI and the media) some "unnamed" Intelligence people within the "Intelligence Community"? Can you become any more VAGUE as to a verifiable source? Is that any more believable than to say that the leaks were actually by intelligence community people who were tired of watching the lies and corruption being used to try and steal the election by the left? How about if I say that a "top intelligence operative" told me personally that the Martians did it. Would I be believed? What if CNN and MSNBC said I was right? "He who controls the media controls the minds of the people!" (old propaganda use justification)

Take a look at the latest about how the "Russians" hacked into the U.S. power grid to see where this type of reporting actually comes from. The final story on the "Russians hacked into the U.S. power grid" was that a single laptop, (NOT in the power grid, but power company owned) assigned to an employee without access directly to ANY power grid controlling computers had a piece of malware on it that used some of the same code as seen in malware generated by Russian scammers. Hmm, maybe the porn site he visited to catch the malware was Russian owned!

That same malware code is available for ANYONE to purchase on the illegal markets and then is modified to the requirements of that scammer. It is quicker, easier and cheaper to modify existing code than to make your own from scratch and thus this is a common worldwide practice and those same "code lines" can probably be found in any intelligence agency's arsenal of dirty tricks. (Probably including our own!!)

The Russians didn't hack the election. obama is a humongous liar.
Sorry to break it to you, but the Russians hacked nothing. Trump won a HUGE upset victory.
Bill P:
Apparently this is fake news and they did not hack anything. The outgoing president is just trying to stir up trouble for the new guy. Never trust a black!
here is your answer:

yeah, it was hacked, but by who is uncertain……………………… the us government blames russia, but it could be anybody with these names………………………

John W:
They hacked the DNC email server. They also planted fake news.