What driver (Nvidia Geforce) should I get for my laptop?

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Windows 10
i3 5157U CPI@ 2.50GHz 2.49GHz
x64 OS
x64 based processor


Wanting to download a driver for gamig purposes, thanks in advance!

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What form of video do you have in the laptop? You didn't list any video specs and that determines which drivers you need from which video company. Nvidia Geforce drivers only work with Nvidia Geforce video cards. If you don't have one made by Nvidia in your laptop, you won't be able to use any Nvidia drivers.
If you actually have a Nvidia Card in there (i doubt) google nvidia experience, run the program and itll update your driver to the latest version
Your laptop has the older i3 processor…it has an intel iris video chip…..so unless you have a NVidia card in there…..sorry….no NVidia drivers for you…and no to much in the way of gaming…
There is nothing in your specks which indicates you have an nVidia GeForce Video Card installed. So there is not point in installing any nVidia driver.
Smokies Hiker:
It depends on what NVidia GeForce graphics card you currently have installed, if any, and/or what NVidia card your motherboard can handle.
If your PC doesn't have NVidia hardware, then it doesn't need and cant use NVidia drivers. If it DOES, then which NVidia hardware has it got?
normally you'd want the latest version. sometimes it's necessary to get an older version to work around some bug or other with particular games or other programs, but that's not too common
There is no special driver for gaming.
You can try Gamebooster to improve performance.