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When people make a website, they need to rent a server. Why need to rent a server? Why can't they just make a website without renting a server? What does this server do?

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Ali Ali: A server is what transmits the signal from your computer to your isp. The server is required because if that didn't happen, you wouldn't have wifi. Every single website you visit, including yahoo, uses a server. The bigger websites don't rent servers, they make their own or they buy them out.

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Ali Ali:
A server is a computer. It holds the data and programs that make up the website. All of the images, text, databases, etc., that make up the website have to be stored and processed on a computer.

When you "go to" a website, you are sending a request to the server to send back a screenfull of data.

That's really about it. You could run a server in your house if you want to. But popular websites need lots of high-capacity servers; it's usually a better deal to rent server capacity from some specialty business.

A server hosts the website data so other computers can access it. You can technically make a server, but you're liable for security stuff.
basically when another computer connects to the internet it needs processing power on both ends..when a website has lots of people on it it needs more power behind it to handle tjat many people