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I'm starting a new YouTube channel and I want to know what most people like or would like to see. Here are my top three thoughts:
– Gaming channel
– Review channel
– Pranking channel

I'll gladly accept other suggestions

Thanks! 🙂

Other answer:

I love watching review videos! But another suggestion would be to make a challenge channel, were you can do things like chapstick challenge or guess the food! It s just a suggestion but those are things I like to watch. Good Luck!
Wood working,gaming channels like dashiexp – jacksepticeye
And other channels like DIYERS > timmy timato Thread banger
Timmy's on of my fav youtubers.so is jack/sean but he's a gamer.also it depends on the person.i usually don't watch gamers who are boring as in not very energetic,jack is very energetic and positive which is why he has a positive community.
Tech videos
The Dude:
I'll watch everything EXCEPT for prank channels. They're cringeworthy and they suck. Bleagh.
Ian Morgan:
asap science