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and no buttons will unfreeze it?

I guess you could force shut down, but force shutting down will corrupt files, and it's still an issue today, if you force shut down windows too much. it will automatically do a CHKDSK the next time your PC boots up to repair files.

but is there any other way?
Oh the last time it freezed was like 5 months agoo

Other answer:

Either press the power button and hold it until it shuts down or just unplug it. There is no other way to unfreeze a computer that is frozen.

A regular user does not typically encounter computer freezes on the norm. I have not had a single freeze on my laptop since I've owned it. And my desktop, which is rather old, has only had 1 freeze in the last 5yrs.

So if you are encountering freezes rather frequently you need to get to the bottom of what is causing it. Usually it's a hardware device conflict. But it is also caused by pirate copies of Windows, legal copies of windows that don't have their windows updates installed, and virus'.

If nothing works, just turn it off and do a system cleanup or reinstallation. If it still freezes after that and if you're absolutely sure it doesn't respond even a bit, replace the motherboard. If it does respond a little bit it's a difficult call. It can also be the graphics card. A handful of crashes won't kill the computer, trust me. To be on the safe side you can also hook up another monitor to make sure that's not the problem.
I have a desktop and when it freezes and doesn't respond, I will try to open task manager to shut down all the running programs, if that doesn't work I will just pull the power plug out for a few seconds
My computer does not freeze.
Mine doesn't freeze.
Do a system restore or repair yor windows.Also install a safe and compatible security program.
Just stay patient your whole life isnt about your computer!
There is no other way but to pull the power plug or hold down the power button.
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