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Free where it a App or website


People know already that one App can NOT do everything they want like say play game, search for all kinds of stuff chat and sent files, banking at their bank, buy official CIA gift shop stuff or order and buy Disney Park line merchandise. A website might be different, and should be able to do that.

Nice App or web d├ęcor


Free stuff that don't cost much at all to give away, also IF a person wants more then just one it fine

Apps spell high functionality and usefulness. People with highly busy lives expect apps to manage all their work and entertain them too. Yes, people actually look for apps that have great manageability and is simple to use. Moreover, there should not be be any glitches or performance obstructions no matter what kind of internet connection one uses.
It might be worth following up this survey in a couple of months or a year to see what the trajectory is. Maybe that 30% of people who prefer an app for reading the news is up from 5% last year. Who knows?

Whilst this was an interesting aside the most important thing is to understand what in the App world people really like.

The results of the features that people want from a News reading experience did suprise me.
So what now? It is clear that we need to do more research when understanding how we tell developers to integrate our platform features. With regards to News I do want to tailor our developer messaging to a number of important areas with News being one of them, I just need to work out how to do it. Some thoughts:

It is clear that we need to drive it home to developers that it is possible to build fast and smooth experiences on the web and show them how to do it.
Show developers how to build experiences that install, work offline and sync when users want them to.

what do you want to do with your app?
Functionality and free stuff.
free. all functions are working. no ads.
dont know