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So I'm buying parts for a computer that will cost about $1000 in total. I'm not good with saving money so I thought if I bought one at a time it'll be easier. The parts range from $200 to about $50 Should I buy the cheaper ones first? Also each week I make about $200.

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Save enough money to at least buy enough parts for a working computer.

By this I mean you may have on-board graphics, only a smaller SSD, only 1/2 you RAM etc. But you can put it all together and use it. This might cost you $500?. Keep your eventual build in mind and buy things that are going to work in your final build. So the base machine might only need a 300w power supply, but buy a 500w because it's going to have to run a GPU in the future etc.

Then as money allow, get a GPU, a 2nd large HDD, more RAM, better monitor, better speakers etc to build up to the game machine you want in stages.

Buying parts and sitting on them is a bad idea for several reasons. As well as the warranty issues others have mentions, computer parts usually come down in price, or the specs get better for a new model at the same price. Be annoying if you buy a GPU, sit on it for 3 months, then find it's selling cheaper because there is a new model released. Now it's cost you $100 just to have those parts sitting on the shelf. If you had saved and waited, you might get a better price, or a higher spec unit when it comes time to build.

Andy L:
Warranties and return periods end, prices in general drop over time missing new releases, once buying a part you limit compatible ones, buying in parts cannot see the relative costs to the total to optimize it,

If you can't save money now, your whole life becomes a paycheck to paycheck. Learn how to hold only money to reach a goal.
You can make a list with pcpartpicker.com and watch for special sales that are worth grabbing.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up later this month.

Right, and by the time you buy enough parts to assemble it and test it the warranty is no good and then you find out the motherboard is DOA. Not a good idea. Learn some self control and save your money and buy them all at once.
that's a horrendous way to build a computer, learn to say money, or get credit