What causes loss of control of a computer screen's cursor?

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It'll be working just fine and then all of sudden refuse to move in the direction I am trying to move it but instead go all catywompis on me! Very frustrating.
This is a laptop computer with Vista Business. I do not use the battery, it is always plugged in. And I do not use a mouse at all.

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What is the operating system and what kind of mouse do you have? Some wireless mouse don't work on Win 10.

Assuming its not Win 10 issue……If it's a wireless mouse it can be the battery needs replacing or it could be that the transmitter inside the mouse has gone bad or it could be the receiver (the part that plugs into the computer) has gone bad. Replace the battery first and if that doesn't fix it, then you have to buy a new mouse.

If it's a wired mouse, then replace the mouse.

I've seen what you describe many times with my users. They all use wireless mouse so I always start with the battery which fixes it in about 90% of the cases. The other 10% are the ones that have to have the mouse completely replaced.

Of course it can always be something that has gone wrong with your system. It could even be your mouse needs a driver update. But generally it's the mouse itself.

If you are using a wireless mouse, check your batteries. I have found that when the batteries are almost shot, the mouse curser either moves wildly all over the place, or stays stuck in one spot. As soon as I change the batteries, all is good in the world again.