What can you not do with Microsoft word as opposed to microsoft office?

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Actually Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft office.
Microsoft Office is the collection of document processors rather than a singular word processor, like Microsoft Word.

Assuming you already knew this, then there is plenty more that you can do, such as creating and managing spreadsheets, managing databases, creating and presenting presentations and much more. Just look for yourself on the Microsoft website which describes each application which is offered in the Microsoft Office collection.



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Very confusing question considering that Word is just a single program (word processor) from the Office suite. Word itself does everything the other programs (Access, PowerPoint, Excel,etc) don't and vice versa. Each program in the suite specializes in something different and apart from each other. So the question is kind of confusing with that knowledge.
Word is part of office! It's the type writer that helps you make your documents
Basically everything that is part of the other office products since office is a bundle not 1 product
word is only a word processor, office includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a contact management and slide creator programs
Word is a part of Office. You can get it alone…without the entire Office, but it's the same either way.
Office is the name of the suite of apps that includes Word (& Excel & Powerpoint).