What can be tracked on a school assinged chrome book?

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If I am on a computer at home not on the school wi-fi can they track my stuff as long as I clear my search history. If they can track when I am using a different conection then how do they do it.

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You didn't say if your using a school supplied computer at home or your own computer. I also don't know if by school you mean regular school or college. Google does seem to centrally store a lot but beyond that schools (regular schools anyhow) are obligated by law to filter the internet. That can be done either from a school server, a program on the computer itself or both. That said if you take a school laptop home and go or try to go somewhere you shouldn't then even if you delete history they may still have it. Either it will report once back on the school internet or possibly over you home internet connection. Short of it is if looking at something you don't want someone to see at school better use your own PC.
From a student who uses a chromebook at school.
Alright since you're school have you a chromebook. You're student gmail. Since it will log EVERYTHING. Website links how much time you spent on it when you visit and etc. I know this because I got in trouble for searching some stuff xD. But this is coming from a student WHO USES a school chromebook 🙂
don't be stupid on the chromebooks or even when your signed into your school account on your phone or other computer. if your signed into google on your phone the history is saved to the chromebook and is given to the school. a kid in my class was watching porn before school while he was signed in and it showed up on his chromebook
Depends on several factors… Does it have remote keylogging software on it that has screen capture?