What are three differences between source code and machine code in computer science?

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Gowri: Source Code :
1. Written by programmer
2. Machine not understand the code.
3. Need Compiler to translate machine code
Machine Code :
1. Generated by any translator like completer
2. Machine only can understand and programmer cannot understand it

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Source code is the higher level code a programmer can write such as Java, C, C++ etc. During the compilation process this code gets converted into assembly language which is a sort of mutual translator between all the programming languages that converts your code into a sequence of instructions that are understood by the CPU. For intel computer this will be IA-32 or Intel 64. After the code is converted into assembly code, it then gets converted into machine code. Machine code is basically the exact bit patterns to be stored in memory, each bit pattern represents a single instruction for the CPU to execute.
Source code is text written in a computer programming language. source code is written by programmers. Machine code is a system of instructions and data executed directly by a computer's central processing unit. Usually compilers and interpreters convert the source code into machine code.
Well, the major difference between source code and machine code is that, a source code is manually written by a programmer by using advanced languages such as c, c++, Java and various other object oriented programming (OOPs) languages whereas in a machine code it is stored in the memory in the form of bits and every bit is an individual instruction.
Andy T:
Source code is high-level for human study; while machine code (in a way, Binary presentation of Assembly) is for computer's processing.
Source code is human readable while machine code is computer redable
One) Source code is readable by other people, not by machines, and is machine-independent.
Two) Source code's correctness is determined by a translator / compiler; machine code's correct
ness is determined by a machine.
Three) Source code can often form modules or libraries for other projects.
> John (gnujohn)
Source code is what the programmer writes. Machine code is what the machine can execute directly. Machine code is binary.
source code is readable by humans
the computer reads machine code