What are the specs of your first PC? and what year did you get it?

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My family got ours in 1998.

75mhz cpu
8mb ram
512mb hdd
Windows 3.11
I don't know if it had a gpu or not. I was able to play c&c red alert on it though.
Forgot to mention, this pc also had a cd rom drive and floppy disk drive. And i'm pretty sure the cpu was a pentium cpu. That is all I remember.

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Communism is the Answer: Heh, heh.

1985: 80286 CPU, 8 MHz clock. 640K RAM, 20 MB HDD, dual 5.25 inch floppy disks. MS-DOS 6 (eventually). CGA monochrome display.

But that was NOT my first computer. 🙂

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Communism is the Answer:
First PC, October 1996

Pentium 150 MHz
512KB L2 Cache (this made it noticeably faster than most other computers which had only 256 KB)
1.7 GB hard drive.
8x CD rom
Sound Blaster AWE 32 sound card
28.8 Kbps modem
3.5 floppy disk drive
Can't remember the video card
Windows 95 with Windows Plus
15" VGA monitor.

It was a noticeable improvement over our first computer… an Amiga 500 with an 8 MHz Motorola 68000chip, 1 MB RAM, and no hard drive going through a 320p RGB monitor.

Chris Ancor:
It was a Dick Smith VZ300. Don't know much about the specs. Would have been in the 1980's.
Barry A:
Summer 1981
A Sinclair ZX-81
3.25 MHz on the CPU
1 KB of memory (that I later expanded to 64 KB)
A cassette tape recorder for storage (IIRC it ran at 250 baud)
An old black and white TV for the display.
Mid-1980's : Apple IIc.