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Good passwords are ones that are not easily guessed by a stranger.

Things like "1234", "password1" and using the same password as the username are very bad things to use.

Good passwords are ones that you can remember but are complex enough and long enough to not be figured out with a few attempts. And avoid using the same password for many places.

If you have trouble remembering passwords, you can write down the ones you don't use very often, and keep them in a secure location. Don't put them on a sheet of paper labelled "Passwords" and then pin that to your cork bulletin board next to the PC. There are electronic password apps you can use to keep track of them, or buy a notebook and put the relevant details in there, but leave the book in a bookcase or in a safe or lockbox so it's not easy to get if someone robs your home and takes your laptop or PC.

Working in support, I once had a user who put all her passwords to the same value as her bank PIN. That's a sure why to get yourself in trouble.

Bill P:
The best passwords are made up of a random mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks, that don't make any recognisable words that might be guessed with a dictionary. Obviously you'll need to write the password down on a piece of paper and keep it safely at home (not in the computer case!).
Any password should contain an uppercase, alphanumeric characters and numbers along with special characters. Such password is considered to be strong and not easily predictable.
I would recommend making a password that is a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and that has at least one number and a symbol.
Using the character keys that normally nobody uses like $&Cents that's an easy one but it contains two characters an upper case letter and lower case letters
Random mixed characters
The ones that nobody would be able to guess what it is.
Best friend name