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What are the benefits of a fixed IP address over a temporary IP address, because my internet provider has sent me an e-mail telling me that for some extra cash they can give me a fixed IP address.
I cant see having a fixed IP address would benefit me in any way as I am not a business customer so how would one help me

Best Answer:

art: It's only useful if you are running a web site at home. The fixed IP address allows people to visit your site. The only other advantage is if you need to access some place on the Internet in a secure way and it's set up to allow only certain IP addresses to connect (a lot like filtering your telephone calls using caller ID).

Other answer:

By fixed you mean static and by temporary you mean dynamic. Static IPs are generally good for running web servers because web servers with dynamic IPs, when changed, would go down until the DNS host has been updated. Now a days, programs can update a DNS host with a change in IP almost immediately so it's really not necessary anyway. But as for a regular home user, static IPs offer no real benefit and can actually be a bad thing. Your ISP may just be trying to get more money. You can Ignore the email.
First: Are you absolutely sure the e-mail was from your ISP?

It could be a fake from a phishing site.

Call your ISP and check if they actually sent out such E-Mails.

ISPs rarely send out such E-Mail though they may send out E-Mail advertising different options and services.

He just wants to sell it to you.