What are the benefits of a curved monitor?

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briangervais81: curved monitors are nicer to see especially if its an ultrawide.
large ultrawide monitors can easily go so wide that the picture at the edges starts to look distorted. a curved display can keep things looking good even if your monitor is quite close to you.
the biggest thing though is that they look really nice

Other answer:

You can have near 240° of visualization if the movie or tv program was made with such cameras. With regard video games you would have the capability to watch your sides without moving your pad, mouse, joystick, but if you do it you will have better response to drive a car or shoot a monster and such.

Also if you use two of these monitors connected to the same computer you could have almost fully immersive capability without the need of VR glasses.

Steve K:
Better on your eyes and see a larger picture
it makes it easier to see from more angles.
that seriously is all. everything else is meaningless…
can't think of any.