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I got told I have paranoid delusions becase I cover my front camera because the gov/friends/strangers are spying on me.

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Elena: Paranoid delusions are basically beliefs brought on by paranoia, kind of like the placebo effect. If you cover the webcam, you're having paranoid delusions because you're convinced that you're being watched, therefore being paranoid. The delusion part is just another word for belief or opinion, at least in this context. Chances are, you're not being watched. In fact, the chances are probably around the same as you winning the Powerball.

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Nothing wrong with that,it just makes good sense. Several years back,some students were spyed on by someone in their school through the web cam with computers that were lent to the students by the school.Creepy stuff. Disabling the web cam altogether in the Device Manager is another option and that's what I did.
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