What 2 in 1 router/modem would you recommend?

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I would never recommend a 2 in 1 modem/router. You should get separate devices. The modem won't need to replaced as often as the router will be.
Dimo J:
I bought https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0037D… — $23, a modem or a router costs about the same. The router part will talk to the modem, so you can see where a trouble is.
One that is compatible with your ISP connection and provides the facilities that you need.

Is your ISP ADSL, VDSL, one of the cable standards or a satellite connection?

VCI/VPI settings?

Mode of connection?

What facilities do you want in the router:

How many Ethernet ports?

100 Mbps or 1 Gbps ports?

2.4 GHz WiFi – 802.11n – bonded channels?

5 GHz WiFi – 802.11ac – bonded channels?

Guest networks?

Guest WiFi isolation from other guest WiFi users?

QoS facilities?

Print server capability?

NAS attachment capability?

Managed family access?

I cannot recommend any specific device with the spectacular lack of requirements included in your question.

I have a Netgear ac1750 cable modem router best thing i ever bought mediacom can no longer block my ports.