Wfy can't I use Microsoft Office 2010 to get to WORD and write letters?

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You need to provide details beyond this. There is no way to know why you can't use Microsoft Office 2010 unless you give us more information. If you're getting errors, then state the error, etc
Office 2010 comes with Word. Maybe you deleted the shortcut and don't know how to search for it.
Word has never been free. Word/Excel/Powerpoint and Onenote cost around $149 to own the software.

No clue where you are getting your information, as it is terribly wrong.

If you don't want to spend money, just grab a free copy of Libre Office.

So….with windows 10 Microsoft is charging $999 a year for anybody to use Microsoft office WORD that was free with windows 7….is it right? I would have to pay that much to write one oe two letters a year…..?This is ridiclolous………I will go back to write letters and send them through regular US mail……..Microsoft is way too greedy.
Smokies Hiker:
MS Office 2010 includes MS Word. You may need to re-install Office if Word seems to be missing.
Word is a program within the MS Office suite. If you can't see Word, it's possible the shortcut got moved or deleted.
No idea, why cant you? Because you don't know how to?? Or you think you do know how to and its not working?