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I have an ethernet cable running out to my garage which has an ethernet hub on the end of it. Wifi from the house is out of range in the garage. Is there an inexpensive adapter that I can plug into the hub to supply wifi to a smart tv out there? The tv I want doesn't have an ethernet input. Thanks

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You can use a Wi-Fi extender. Netgear has a few that you can plug an Ethernet cable into and it produces the Wi-Fi signal. It gives a further access area compared to most routers on the market. It can be used as a access point or an extension of your network. Hubs are great if you need to boost a signal that is over a 100' away from the Ethernet source. They create in a since traffic jams on the network. The only time it cuts speed is when more than one network device is attached to the hub. You can speed it up some if you change your network to half duplex instead of full duplex. Hope this helps.
V. Perkins:
a. You shouldn't be using a real hub anymore. Hubs cut your speed in half. Use a small switch, instead. There is a difference!

b. The device you want is called a Wireless Access Point (WAP or AP). They are not inexpensive, though.

I want to thank you all for your help. What I wound up doing is getting a streaming wired blu ray player which will give me apps and the option of buying a less expensive non smart tv.
You can get a Wireless Access Point, or a router and set it up in bridge mode so it only uses the wireless and wired parts and not the internet part of the router config.
You would need a wifi router out there and something like a roku…..