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I have a set of VHS tapes that are copy protected and I would like to put them on DVD since you can't buy these tapes on DVD.

If a VHS tape is copy protected, can it be copied over to DVD or not?


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Get a DVD recorder or a DVR meant for a TV set that has RCA (phono) connections (not the DVD drive in a PC, and not HDMI sockets). The output from the VHS player goes to the input for the DVD or DVR recorder. You'll want to monitor the action, so use a Y-adapter for the RCA cables so you can add a TV set to the mix. You might also make do with some old 75-ohm cable, connectors and a splitter.
Smokies Hiker:
I have a Panasonic VHS & DVD combination player/recorder. I can dub VHS tapes to the DVD with no problem at all.
It can be but you have to buy software to do it. There is a software package out there called VHS to DVD that runs about $50.
Google the software name.
Yes, buy a capture card and connect it to your VHS player and record the video and audio onto your PC in x264, x265 or mpeg-4 (.mp4) – Then rip that file to a DVD.
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