Updated to windows 10 from windows 8.1 and now i get no sound?

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i have a toshiba satellite p850-31L
i checked the drivers and updated them
unistalled reinstalled them with device manager
checked playback properties and still nothing
wont play sound through my speakers or headphone jack
plays music through my wireless headphones though

Other answer:

You need to reinstall ALL your device drivers.

Go to the manufacturer's website, look up your laptop/desktop and install all windows 10 drivers that you need.

If you can't figure it out, you can always use a service that will update your Windows 10 drivers for you. I'd recommend using http://www.cleanourcomputer.com, they can jump in remotely and help you update your missing or malfunctioning drivers.

Update the sound drivers. Check the hardware manufacturer for the correct Win 10 driver.
Sound Drivers are creating this problem. For that, you should visit manufacturers website, then select your Laptop model and download all the drivers. If you have installed any Sound Drivers, then uninstall it and then reinstall the one you just downloaded from the Manufacturer website.
U must update ur sound driver
Mohid Shaikh:
Restore, your computer's sound card may not support it.
reinstall the sound driver