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So my friend told me that torrenting is bad if your doing it on a good laptop because it leaves some sort of files which ruin your computer. Is this true? Are there files left after a torrent that ruin your laptop?

Other answer:

When you downloading something from the Torrent there is always a possiblity of downloading some kind of VIrus to your machine. Which can force you to format and reinstall of your OS
Olivier Sin:
Not at all. Unless the file you're downloading itself isn't safe. Be sure to have an antivirus to remove threats from any files downloaded.
Unless you aren't stupid with it and don't download something dodgy then you are good
Your friend is not computer savvy.
Your friend does not know what he's talking about.
Your friend is talking FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

Certainly there are plenty of ne'er-do-well people who share bogus files that contain delightful payloads that can foul up your computer, but plenty of fine and fantastic things can be had via torrent that do not negatively impact your computer or your computing endeavors.

Torrenting is great when used for the right purpose. It eases the burden on servers that would otherwise be the only source of certain files, distributing the burden among all the participants who seed and leech many different kinds of files.

Naturally, you may find torrent client software that is made by folks who don't have your best interests at heart and that perform questionable activities on the computers of people who use those torrent clients. But you'll also find good, clean, safe torrent client software that is made by people who just want to provide a program that allows torrenting.