There's a pop up on Firefox that keeps appearing and is a fake Microsoft site.?

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It claims to be from the US but on further research it is apparently based in India. It's called My question is how do I get rid of it?

Other answer:

Right click on the pop and look at Properties. Look at where the file is stored. Next – go into your control panel and look over the list of programs you have installed – if any closely match up to this name – delete them. Restart your computer and then check to see if that file is gone. If not, then delete the file and reboot.

If you are too cheap to buy a decent anti virus for this computer – you either need to stop using it on the internet or learn to love pop ups.

Grab a free copy of malwarebytes at Install and run the scan. Clean off anything it finds.

If that doesn't completely solve the issue, you should now be able to do a system restore to a point prior to the problem (unless you've let it sit for a long time and that restore point is no longer available).

If you still can't get it, I recommend using a service to clean your PC, like they will remotely access your PC while you watch and clean it up!

Steve B:
Other naswers addreess the problem, however it's worth saying :-

This is the PRIME way for a SCAMMER to suck your Banking details etc. – and once you have 'enabled' Remote Access it's impossible to know if it's totally disabled again …
2) NEVER 'let them run a remote scan' ..
This is the SECOND most popular way for scammers to take over your PC …

Do you have a good fully updated active anti-virus? if so do a scan in safe mode.
Try the NoScript add-on.
Smash your computer